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Your body SHOULD feel so good that it's 

ready to do anything in a moment's notice.


Stop beating yourself up in the name of strength.

"I LOVE seeing my clients cultivate their body’s potential and OWN their athleticism without pain."


-Mike Salemi

  • Get back to work pain free

  • Be able to play your sport

  • Feel strong AND loose

  • Experience better range of motion

I love seeing my clients cultivate their body’s potential and own their athleticism without pain.

  • Getting back to work pain free

  • Being able to play their sport

  • Feeling strong AND loose

  • Better range of motion

I'm way more in touch with my body and energy levels. Energy levels remain high but now I don't have days/weeks where I'm completely sacked from working out because I've been overloading patterns and working myself to failure. It's made the process more manageable, strategic and intuitive.

Bill Callis

Before, I would kill myself at the gym for 2 to 3 hours and feel quite sore and fatigued. I had a habit of not stretching, so learning to do proper stretching has made a difference in my body. Now I feel energized after a workout and my energy level stays constant. Also my body doesn’t feel sore the following day.

Angelica Murillo


More reps + more weight + more often = Congratulations!! You’re so fit!


Nevermind the pain, burnout, injuries, surgeries, doctor bills, not to mention being stiff and sore everyday. 



More is only better IF your body and mind feel good throughout the process. Otherwise you are getting reps at the expense of your quality of life.



Kettlebell Lifestyle helps you make both the weight you lift and reps you do maximally effective. You’ll learn the components for lifelong performance whether you’re using kettlebells or any other training implement.

  • 60+ Kettlebell Movements

    Each broken down and guided

  • Learn Proper Breathing

    You can’t exercise without breathing, so why not do it well?

  • Stretch for YOUR Body

    With tightness unique to our individual body, stretch for YOU

  • Powerful Active Meditation

    Movement that charges you up

  • 9+ Weeks of Workouts

    Based on your skill & fitness level

  • Mobility to Keep You Loose

    End the fear of tearing a muscle on the 1st step of a sprint

  • Quick Morning Routines

    No more "60+ minutes in the

    gym = healthy"

  • Get IDEAL Training Volume

    Stop training that burns you out

All delivered through an

interactive platform online.


  • Buy the program and get instant access.

  • Fill out your onboarding information to get exactly the right training for your body

  • Live the Kettlebell Lifestyle 

Dr. Joey Salgado

Wade Buffrey​

Neil O.​

Suzi Campanile​

Performance and feeling good

SHOULD go together.

Being totally honest, I beat myself up for 10 years to set powerlifting records (best lifts:  605 SQ, 470 BP, 615 DL) and achieve the elite competition rank of Kettlebell “Master of Sport” in both Long Cycle & Biathlon (32kg Professional Division). I was successful, but performance and feeling good DID NOT go together for me. 


I was at a place where I would be forced to stop from injury or I find a better way to train. I was stiff, burnt out, and feeling unhappy, so I sought out the best coaches and therapists I could find to help. 


One key thing I came to realize is that the first step towards moving forward and progressing is letting go of the dedication to grinding.


Instead focusing on creating health as the foundation for high performance was the key. 


With this in mind, you should be able to feel strong AND really good at the same time.


Next, when we train the body in 360 degrees, in multiple positions and angles, that's where things begin to take off. Only then can you have a body that feels so freaking good you are ready for anything. 


The truth is this - feeling great and building a strong body should go together. 

Your Body Needs More Than Weight and Reps


  • Training that drains your body

  • Forcing your body to push before it’s recovered

  • Only prioritizing the weight and reps

  • Leaves recovery for you to figure out on your own 

  • Fighting lifts just for the sake of getting an extra rep or more pounds


  • Cultivate energy with breath & movement

  • Programming for how you feel on a given day 

  • Prioritizes life-long performance

  • Rebalances the body through targeted stretches

  • Improves your positioning so your movements are more effective

What Members Are Saying...

"It is hands down the best program I've seen put together in any way shape or form."

Leo Lozano

University Instructor

"How many programs online ask you about your stress level, how you slept and if your bloated? Not that many and that's why I love this program."

Rana Alomani

Fitness Instructor

"When Mike talks I listen. Post fighting, I've developed a training style that is heavily influenced by Mike."

Charlie Brenneman

Former UFC Fighter

"I not only enjoyed this for working out but for working-in."

Lu Phillips

"The design of this program is so intentional and professional."

Lauren Maloney

"The kettlebell Lifestyle program is by far the best program I've ever done."

Tim Glowik

Better Movement With Better Recovery

WILL Get You Better Results

If you want high performance for your lifetime, you’ve got to focus on more than weight and reps. 


Grinding out more reps when your body is tired and you barely have the mobility to get into, or hold, the position a movement requires is asking for trouble. Maybe not tomorrow, but trouble is coming. 


Maybe Abraham Lincoln said this or maybe it’s myth, but either way it’s true:

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

You can work harder than you need to because you are working against your body. You will feel beat up and you’ll be asking for injury. That’s how it works.


Or you can sharpen the axe. 


You see, it is possible to make every hit with the axe more effective - to make blow better - by creating the right conditions. 


Your training is the same way. Create the right conditions and your body will reward you with better results in less time. 


Stop making progress harder on your body than it needs to be.

Join Kettlebell Lifestyle today and start feeling good while you build the kind of body and performance you are proud of.



I loaded so much great stuff into this program I am confident it will work for you. You have a full 30 days to try the program before deciding if it’s right for you. 


I want this program to get you great results, and if it’s not for you I want you to have your money back. Here’s what to do. Buy the program, commit to the process and if after you’ve experienced it you aren’t satisfied, send me an email. Show me that you’ve done the program and I will send your money back.

Mike Salemi

Creator, Kettlebell Lifestyle

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Meet Your Course Contributors

Kettlebell Lifestyle provides personalized content and motivation from industry leaders. Whether you're struggling with sleep, nutrition, or mental and emotional stress this program has you covered. There's someone here who has been through your current pain and will guide you how to move through it.

Dr. Drew Vercellino

Jator Pierre

Paul Chek

Stefanie Obregozo

Danielle Kawash

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Mark England



Personalized Stretch Test

Get a personalized stretching program that you can do is less than 15 minutes! Kettlebell Lifestyle helps you know what stretches you need to improve your mobility and performance, as well as which ones to prioritize. 


Kettlebell Selector

Get detailed and specific advice based on gender, bodyweight, fitness level, and skill level which are the first and most important kettlebell weight to purchase. Also, depending on your budget, you will receive an additional two recommended weights in priority order to get as your love for kettlebells grows and you get stronger. 


Intake Questionnaire

Access your detailed intake questionnaire any time, and re-assess so you can determine improvements in your health and/or kettlebell performance.

Value Packed

Not totally stoked yet? Check the value included in this TRANSFORMATIVE program:

7 Follow-along Workouts

(Beginner & Intermediate Options)

( included )

Value $227

3 Ten Minute Morning Routines
( included )

Value $67

Interactive Daily Readiness Assessments 

( included )

Value $187

50+ Detailed Technique Tutorial Videos

( included )

Value $197

Personalized Support Emails

( included )

Value $97

Videos from Industry Health Experts

( included )

Value $297

Total Value: $1100+

Receive everything for:

One-Time Payment

  • 24/7 Access

$ 497

2 Installments Option

  • 24/7 Access


Join Kettlebell Lifestyle today and start feeling good while you build the kind of body and performance you are proud of.


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