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"It is hands down the best program I've seen put together in any way shape or form."

Leo Lozano

University Instructor

"How many programs online ask you about your stress level, how you slept and if your bloated? Not that many and that's why I love this program."

Rana Alomani

Fitness Instructor

"When Mike talks I listen. Post fighting, I've developed a training style that is heavily influenced by Mike."

Charlie Brenneman


Meet Your Course Contributors

Kettlebell Lifestyle provides personalized content and motivation from industry leaders. Whether you're struggling with sleep, nutrition, or mental and emotional stress this program has you covered. There's someone here who has been through your current pain and will guide you through it.

Dr. Drew Vercellino

Danielle Kawash

Jator Pierre

Warren Williams

Paul Chek

Mark England

Stefanie Obregozo

The Vice President of The International Sports Hall Fame Has Something To Say...

 "There's an old saying..." when the student is ready the teacher will come!" That teacher is Mike Salemi. I've been involved in the fitness industry for over four decades and I have never seen anyone who has been an athlete, coach, instructor, and entrepreneur who has mastered teaching and presentation skills of his magnitude at such an early age.  I met Mike four years ago and I have had him involved in workshops and presentations across the country most notably the Arnold Sports Festival Weekend. I knew after the first presentation that not only was he the, "real deal" but he is the next BIG DEAL in fitness!

     I have had the pleasure and honor of watching him transform the fitness and wellness landscape and grow as a person. Mike is more than a, " game changer  "...he defines the game. Going forward the new rules for teaching and coaching standards will be, "BE LIKE MIKE"! If the student is ready the teacher has come."

-Fairfax Hackley, VP International Sports Hall of Fame


Fairfax Hackley (left) with Sylvester Stallone (right).


Every element included will is designed to set you up for success

  • Immersion Experience

    Experience a fully guided experience designed by a Kettlebell World Champion.

  • Self Guided

    Go at your own pace and in your own way. Create the schedule that works best for you!

  • Library

    Find and watch any video you'd like in an instant.

  • Tools

    Access personalized stretching routines, exercise library, individualized kettlebell selection generator, FAQs, and more.

  • Personalized Workouts

    Workouts that change dynamically based on your daily needs.

  • Smart Emails

    Receive wisdom from some of the top experts in health and fitness right to your inbox.

Immersion Experience

Get the most out of your Kettlebell Lifestyle experience

  • Pre-programmed 

    Training workouts, recovery days, active meditations, and more are all pre-scheduled for you based on the optimal way to follow the Program. 

  • Distinct Visual Style

    Get a the most personalized and unique user experience with this option. 

  • Fully Responsive

    Perfect for viewing on both desktop or mobile, the Immersion experience will remember where you last left off and your specific viewing preferences. 

  • Bonus Content

    Based off of where you are in the program, specific bonus content will be triggered and sent to your inbox from health and fitness industry experts. 

Self Guided

Feel confident to take training into your own hands.


    Do you need more flexility in your training schedule? If so, you can get as custom as you'd like by designing your own weekly and monthly calendar. 


    Receive access to all workouts, mobility routines, meditations, training readiness assessments and more. 


    While suggestions are made with how to best follow each phase of training, you will be able to decide exactly the way you'd like to follow the program


Quick access to every video in Kettlebell Lifestyle


    Choose videos applying to Level I or Level II classifications


    Search for videos from specific phases - On Ramp, Phase I, Phase II, or Phase III


    Find morning routines, mobility series, training workouts, kettlebell tutorials, bodyweight exercises, stretches, and more easily. 



Personalized Stretch Test

Get a personalized stretching program that you can do is less than 15 minutes! Kettlebell Lifestyle helps you know what stretches you need to improve your mobility and performance, as well as which ones to prioritize. 


Kettlebell Selector

Get detailed and specific advice based on gender, bodyweight, fitness level, and skill level which are the first and most important kettlebell weight to purchase. Also, depending on your budget, you will receive an additional two recommended weights in priority order to get as your love for kettlebells grows and you get stronger. 


Intake Questionnaire

Access your detailed intake questionnaire any time, and re-assess so you can determine improvements in your health and/or kettlebell performance.

Learn more about the incredible people

following the program!

"I can do everything right here in my home garage!"

Mark Dombrosky

"In the past couple months in kettlebell sport I've improved all of my lifts."

Taylor Laforce

"My biggest win has been a change in mindset and also developing a better relationship with my body."

Parry T

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Do I Have To Pay For Updates?

How long is the entire program?

How long does each workout take?

Between 10-50 minutes depending if you choose to perform the entire day's schedule, or one specified segment on a given day such as the mobility training by itself. 

Is it okay if I've never used a kettlebell before?

Can I do this program from entirely from home?

Does Mike offer private or group coaching?

Do I have to install anything?

I don't like this program, how do I cancel?

"Kettlebell Lifestyle is the best online program I've ever been a part of"

Veronika W. 

"Working In, working out, breathing, food, training, mental toughness all of this plays a role. In kettlebell lifestyle I learned all of them in one place."

Masoud Shoja

"This program is really made for anyone, whether you're a beginner, intermediate or an expert. It's full of a lot of valuable information."

Angelica Murillo

See more actual results these rad people

are experiencing on the program!

"The design of this program is so intentional and professional."

Lauren Maloney

"The kettlebell Lifestyle program is by far the best program I've ever done."

Tim Glowik

"In this program I learned how to use the kettlebell properly, kettlebell programming and how to use it in really fun ways that I've never done before."

Colin Carr


Get To Know Mike Salemi

For the majority of the time that I was competing avidly in Kettlebell Sport, I experienced a forearm and shoulder injury that kept me from reaching my goal of winning the WAKSC World Championships and attaining the elite rank, “Master of Sport”. While this particular injury specifically showed up during my training with Kettlebells, even before this I was prone to overtraining and injuries. 


To be honest it was devastating to train so hard month in and month out for a specific goal and continually fall short no matter the effort. I was following a strict training program to the T, and was seeking out nearly every quality practitioner and therapist I could find for years, yet with no significant success. 


At wit’s end, something had occurred to me: 


"What if there’s a single skill set that could tie all these issues I was having together into a unique solution: a “meta skill?”


THAT, I discovered, was exactly what I was looking for.


Long term high performance needs to be multifaceted because as human beings we are individual and unique from one another.  We need a flexible training approach that considers the entire person - what we eat, how we sleep, how we breathe, how we train, how we recover, and more. 


These principles I now know were the key to my progress. 


"If I can get this right," I thought, "it could make everything else better… 


...but as long as I keep getting it wrong I’m going to keep getting the same things wrong." 


Developing my "Meta Skill" entailed diving as deep as possible to understand holistic high performance and create training programs that were incredibly effective, dynamic in nature, and could modify based on how myself, and my clients, were feeling on a given day. 

This key information would serve as the guide for how hard to go, and how much to back off in training - a major key to longevity in any sport or activity. 


With this skill I ended up going 100% “Kettlebell Geek" and a 1000% scientific simultaneously! 


And two things happened…




 I discovered that to really build a lean, and functional body that can last for years you need to get super specific and consider: self-awareness, mobility, technique training, phased programming, recovery, active meditation, community AND have an overall flexible program that meets you where you’re at on a given day.  



My fitness progression had completely changed. I'd gone from being frustrated with fixed workout plans to the opposite. I figured out the key factors that determined what kind of workout I should do on any given day and my results skyrocketed. I could finally boost my fitness, mobility, mindset, and more and avoid training plateaus. 


Based on personal experience as an athlete and coach to now thousands of people, I set out to give my customers the same experience I had: a focused and longevity based kettlebell program with a single purpose: 


Taking you by-the-hand, and leading you, step-by-step, to realizing your potential both in and out of the gym. 


After more thought, this program would have to be something that is completely yours, your own custom plan. 


It would have to be easy-to-do, and fit into short daily routines and training programs that were under 60 minutes from the moment you put on your minimalist type shoes (wink wink) to get in the shower and rinse off that well-earned sweat from training. 


...additionally,  it would have to have transformational results. 


This became known as Kettlebell Lifestyle...


 The Success Stories Won't Stop...

People from over 20 countries keep sharing their stories and transformations. Check out what they've learned from Kettlebell Lifestyle and how it's helped them find structure in their everyday lives. 

"If you're on the fence about this - I can not recommend it enough! Such a great program.

John N

"This program is for anyone that wants to improve their lifestyle."

Suzi Campanile

"I not only enjoyed this for working out but for working-in."

Lu Phillips

Learn more about the incredible people

following the program!

"This is definitely one of the most transformative training programs that I have ever taken."

Wade Buffrey

"This guy knows it and his knowledge is just phenominal so when I heard there was a program coming out that Mike wrote, I had to get on it."

Neil O.

"It's the most impressive program that I've ever seen in regards to online programming and it's delivered by the best in the world in regards to kettlebell instruction." 

Dr. Joey Salgado

Kettlebell Lifestyle Overview

Not totally stoked yet? Check the value included in this TRANSFORMATIVE program:

HUGE Value

7 Follow-along Workouts

(Beginner & Intermediate Options)

( included )

Value $227

3 Ten Minute Morning Routines
( included )

Value $67

Interactive Daily Readiness Assessments 

( included )

Value $187

50+ Detailed Technique Tutorial Videos

( included )

Value $197

Personalized Support Emails

( included )

Value $97

Videos from Industry Health Experts

( included )

Value $297

Total Value: $1100+

Receive everything for:


Total: $497

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I loaded so much great stuff into this program I am confident it will work for you. You have a full 60 days to try the program before deciding if it’s right for you. That means you can go through almost the whole program once and then decide. 


I want this program to get you great results, and if it’s not for you I want you to have your money back. Here’s what to do. Buy the program, commit to the process and if after you’ve experienced it you aren’t satisfied, send me an email. Show me that you’ve done the program and I will send your money back.

Mike Salemi

Creator, Kettlebell Lifestyle


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